WDM Link design

  • WDM design one of the important tasks.

  • WDM Link designer should be aware how to understand customer needs, define network topology, calculate and determine link specifications.

  • Analyze traffic capacity, traffic routes, losses calculation, protection, features will be added.

  • Also cost analysis and availability.

  • Availability is an important factor, it define the ability of the node or the network to provide the required function during given time.

  • Availability is A, unavailability is 1-A.

  • Availability can be measured in minutes or seconds per year.

  • For example, if the availability is 99.99% then the down time of the network per year should not exceed 52 min and 33 seconds.

  • Another example if the availability 99.999% that means downtime / Year is 5 minutes 15 seconds.

  • Designer should focus on how to improve the availability of the network and if the availability can’t meet the threshold we have to optimize the network.

  • Network optimization can be through network routes control, configuration control, protection control.

  • Operators expect availability 99.99% or 99.999%.

  • There’s 525600 minutes / Year.

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