WCDMA-LTE spectrum sharing feature

Hello All.

Have anyone implemented WCDMA-LTE spectrum sharing feature?

What are the bandwidth you are having?

10 MHz in 2100 band.

Yes we did it, but not feature.

We removed 1 carrier on U2100 to expand LTE.

I mean dynamic sharing…

We have configuration of 5+5 now.

We want 3G just for calls.

Sso giving 5 MHz to 3G makes less efficient for data.

SSo looking for dynamic sharing so that LTE can utilize the bandwidth efficiently.

What’s the UE penetration?

Around 40-50 users per cell.

Do you have LTE on which band?

And it is continuous with U2100.

The frequency distribution.

Easy to do 5 to LTE to start with buffer zone across cluster.

Then keep 5 MHz for 3G.

> 90% device supports L2100.

You need to take care of POS machine, any 3G indoor / repeater sites.


Do you have already LTE on 2100?

Yes we have LTE on 2100.

If you have already LTE on 2100, you might need just to update your earfcn and neighbors with new freq.

It’s easy, since you have already l2100, you don’t have any hw requirement, you update your 3G, with the new arfcn and bandwidth and also you update LTE DB.

It’s only soft change.

It’s band expansion only, not spectrum sharing.

Whether ARFCN will be same for both 3G and LTE since spectrum is shared?

No, spectrum is not shared.

3G have its own 5 Mhz, and LTE will get 5 Mhz extra.

3G will change from 10 to 5 Mhz, and for LTE there will be 5 Mhz more.

Currently 3G and LTE working with 5 + 5 MHz seperately.

What will be new arfcn for both if I want to enable spectrum sharing?

Both are different ARFCN number based on your bandwidth available.

LTE it’s eARFCN.