VS.BBUBoard.CPULoad.Max(%) x Low UMTS Throughthput

Can anyone explain about this Huawei Counter:

I notice this counter triggered to 96% in few UMTS cells in our network and we also having low UMTS throughthput complain in the same cells.
Any optimization suggestion is appreciated.

Add more board, or move site with more traffic to another RNC.

Only VS.BBUBoard.CPULoad.Max(%) is 96, while VS.BBUBoard.CPULoad.Mean(%) is not triggered . Can you explain impact of this counter triggering?

Do you have experience of this type of issue?
Can you bit explain why the issue occurred?

What’s your Board Type?

It is WBBPD3.

Change the board.
WBBPf4 or another better.

Yes, change the board to e3 or f4 higher.

If you have UBBP is better in the case if the site have more than 3G technology… 2G and LTE.