vRAN : the magic behind Open RAN, 5G RAN, and C-RAN networks

:satellite: Meet the magic behind Open RAN, 5G RAN, and C-RAN networks: vRAN-Virtualized Radio Access Network.:signal_strength:

vRAN : the traditional hardware like radio units, and baseband units, they’re all taken to the cloud! :cloud::computer:
This means your network service provider can deploy all the RAN network functions on cloud / virtulised platforms. :rocket:

vRAN is agile, flexible and scalable, cost-effective by the strengths of cloud technology.:muscle::briefcase:
vRAN solutions come with automation software.

These tools let network operators monitor performance metrics automatically and do better workload balance and simplified maintenance. :bar_chart::wrench:

With the demand for network capacity skyrocketing, especially with 5G and beyond, vRAN is a game-changer.
vRAN is the next big step in mobile network architecture evolution - from hardware-driven to cloud-based. :globe_with_meridians::wrench:

Before the OpenRA/O-RAN starts the lead role.:rocket::globe_with_meridians::bulb: