VoLTE versus MBB Latency

What is the reason of high values (~20ms) of Latency for VoLTE when calculated for QCI-1 as compared to MBB where the sames values are around (~3ms).
This is for Ericsson.
Any specific reason for this?
Or a different way of calculation to be used?
This is about OSS KPIs.

Can you specify a little bit better what are you measuring with these KPIs?

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This is Basically Nature of the Application As voice. As compared to MBB, Voice generates Voice Packets Fixed Time Period of 20ms which is output of Vocoder which is called Voice Frame size…


As per my understanding, MBB packets come into the buffer and they are sent out on the next scheduling opportunity.

The VoLTE packets have a fixed periodicity which is determined by DRX.

Ericsson uses a 40ms cycle for VoLTE so a packet comes in every 20ms and it has to wait in buffer till the next scheduling opportunity for the VoLTE due to DRX.