VoLTE User Scheduling during Congestion

Dear Experts,

Is there any Parameter or Feature by which VoLTE Users Gets Scheduling Priority during Congestion.

Govind Dahiya

Semi-persistent scheduling applies to VoLTE services is preferred during congestion

Scheduling priority of QCI can be changed in Huawei but it will be applicable in all scenarios not only for congestion related scenario.

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VoLTE traffic is by default prioritized since it uses QCI1.

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Samsung support VoLTE user scheduling priority increase in congestion case.

Different QCI group has different scheduling priority. For example: qci-1 has scheduling priority 1000 > qci-9 priority 600. So, qci-1 has higher scheduling priority than qci-9.

How Does VOLTE Users gets Selected for Priority escalation during congestion… User Meeting specific criteria Gets Priority…?

Yes SPS is preferred for VOLTE services… but It doesn’t Deals with Priority handling I think…Though It Reduces the Resource Required for VOLTE Users.

In huawei ,there is parameter name:PreAllocationWeight

A lager value of this parameter results a shorter pre-allocation delay for services with the QCI