VoLTE Mute

Dear Experts

How do you observe VoLTE mute in your networks? in the absense of probe?

Without probes you must really on KPIs and/or DT data.

Hello @ravinder.

Mute calls are a not so common in an optimized network, however they could occur due to different reasons (very bad radio conditions, CORE issues, bad routing configuration on Tx path, etc). If you have Drive Test available with MOS (Mean Opinion Score) you can see areas with very low MOS (lower than 3 or 2) and there you can find areas suceptible to Mute calls on VoLTE.

Other way using KPIs/KQIs, try to use indicators / Counters related to radio conditions, for instance: find areas with very poor SINR on PUCCH/PUSCH to get an idea of areas with bad quality conditions or use the Aggregation 8 level on PDCCH (in poor radio conditions an UE will require 8 CCEs for each PDCCH transmision) .



Hello @ravinder
Every vendor comes up with some counters to identify the mute calls(Audit Gaps). If you please specify the vendor. I may be able to help you with the relevant counters. Thanks!

P-CSCF SBC KPI can help