VOLTE Mute call Increased

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VOLTE Mute call Increased in our NW Post Carrier BW Change from 5Mhz to 10 Mhz. i have done the sample checks and found that Cells which are having High Mute call are radiating with 12.2 dbm (40 W RRU) RS Power while Previously they were radiating with 15.2 dbm (80 W RRU) RS power . there is no impact on cells where RS Power is same as Before i.e 15.2 dbm.
Now there is no option to change Power on Cells which are radiating with 12.2 dbm due to RRU Power Limitation(40 W). I am Uptilting the antenna as an interim measure to compensate the coverage loss… But what Other Parameter i can look into to Improve Mute calls.

Govind Dahiya

You can check below suggestion

Thanks for the input.
Will Uptilting the Impacted Band Will compensate the coverage loss due to Reduction in RS Power from 15.2 dbm to 12.3 dbm.

When you double the bandwidth, your RRU transmit power should double if the power spectrum density is same as before. But now your power is limited to 40w, i.e., 46dbm not 12.2dBm, the power spectrum density is only half as before, thus Rx SINR is only half as before.
If you can improve coverage by uptilting the antenna, it means you can improve VOLTE mute call by employing advanced Tx beamforming technique in Rel14.

@Wendy Thank You very much.

Actually 12.2 dbm is not the Total RRU Power its’ a Reference signal Power for 4 Port Antenna. Reference power was 15.2 dbm Prior to BW Augmentation.

Yes Mute call reduced Post Antenna Uptilt… But It;s still Degraded as compare to Pre Value.
Advance TX Beamforming Means Transmission Mode 7?