VoLTE Formula

What is the Huawei VoLTE traffic formula?
I guess it should be from L.Thrp.bits.DL.QCI.1
But that’s in bits…

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L.Traffic.ActiveUser.DL.QCI.1 / L.Traffic.ActiveUser.UL.QCI.1 / L.ChMeas.PRB.DL.DrbUsed.Avg.VoIP / L.ChMeas.PRB.UL.DrbUsed.Avg.VoIP (These are for Voice Capacity)

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L.E-RAB.SessionTime.HighPrecision.QCI1 / (ROP (min) x 60)

Can anyone please just share the most important KPIs names regarding VoLTE?

VoLTE attempts, success rate, drops.

Hi All.

What is the formula for VoLTE Retransmission?

Or in other words: How can we see the retransmission QCI wise?

Vendor is Huawei (PRS formula).

These counters are available:

How can we see PRS Formulas?

Go to KPI Management.

Select 4GBTS.

And on top right side there is a search window.

But actually I have a question: Does we have retransmissions in VoLTE mode? I mean during Call?

Because retransmission mode should be in data mode, because once call is established either it will be dropped or re-established.

I would like a clarification on it.

For VoLTE there are no RLC retransmissions, just MAC HARQ retransmissions.