VoLTE enabled on cells but not provisioned

Hi All,
In Nokia LTE after enabling VoLTE on some cells, load based inter-freq handover increased, but there is zero VoLTE traffic as VoLTE is not provisioned yet.
What can be the reason for increase in load on cell.
No other change was done.

Do you mean load balancing attempts increased? Are you using IFLB?

After disabling VoLTE cell load also decreases and LB attempts also reduce.
Is there any chance some PRBs are reserved for GBR services due to which overall load of cell increases?
No change in user or traffic.

There is threshold for GBR as well. Are you using it?

Yes, using 75 for all.
But no change has been made in these parameters.
Which can cause LB attempts to increase?

Maxgbrtafficlimit parameter I remember it having some impact on PRB reservation.

maxGbrTrafficLimit defines maximum radio resource consumption for GBR traffic
the amount of radio resources is calculated in % of the available PRBs depending on the system → for 5 MHz system 25 PRBs, for 10 MHz system 50 PRBs.

Thanks, I will check this.