VoLTE Emergency Call

Currently we using the transition solution for emergency call originated on VoLTE. When a UE initiates an emergency call on the LTE network, the network instructs the UE to initiate an emergency call on the CS network.
But there is a target solution Thats enables emergency calls originated on the LTE network to be connected on the IMS network. Dedicated bearers are established for emergency calls, which guarantees that emergency calls can be successfully set up. In addition, the target solution supports SRVCC/eSRVCC handovers in emergency calls.
For Target Scenario, the document also says “the UE obtains the local emergency number list from the MME”. In our country we don´t manage a unique emergency number like 911, we have several emergency numbers for different Agencies and the number is provided regarding the geo-location where the call was originated.

Somebody has implemented the emergency call through LTE without Fall to CS domain?