Volte conflict with other procedure

How do i optimize this issue. This is MOCN network. Volte was failed during the setup due to conflict with other procedue (endc setup). This is from ericsson 5g nsa network to other operator core.

MME should handle it. Try to upgrade MME

From RAN side, you can increase B1 timetotrigger

Had tried to increase B1 time to trigger however volte still failure. Operator MME does not support this features unfortunately. From E// site they have tried 2 ways which are increase time to trigger and S1AP handling endc features. Still volte failure happened alot. Anymore ideas for E// to solve this? Other features than can be apply if there any

@eimanrazak B1 timetotrigger above 1 sec should reduce failures significantly

Tried to increase until 4sec but conflicts procedure still happened. Any parameter that would release scg when performing volte service?

If the issue is related to one operator only in the MOCN, then check ARP values

What is ARP value?

  1. Whether using ENDC addition based on data volume (buffer threshold) or not? If not using this may trigger lesser ENDC setup,
    Many operators use no data volve based which makes 5G NSA trigger frequently, sometimes it is unwanted as application requirement is low.

  2. NSA inactivity timer can be aligned with LTE, so it does not release early and setup again and again.

Hope this helps, Thanks.