VoLTE capable UEs

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Could you possibly help how to identify VoLTE capable devices based on UE Capability Information. As far as I know FGI bit 3,7 and 27 should be set to 1. Is there 100% working way to detect VoLTE caabilities of the UE? Can be UE usage and Voice domain preferences used for this?

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Hello all.

Why many LTE handset don’t support VoLTE?

Is it hardware or software that causes the restriction?

Flagship limitations.

Could you pls elaborate it a little?

It’s just a manufacturer decision based on his costs and marketing strategy to integrate or no VoLTE flagship into his devices

Not mandatory since many countries are still not using VoLTE.

Simply Hardware limitations on handsets side.

Whether is it also possible that a handset may support only particular band VoLTE not all?

Yes sure.

Same as LTE band support.