VoLTE call User Perception in very Poor Radio Conditions

Hi All, a very simple question:
How do you experience a VoLTE call in very very poor radio conditions?
Poor quality, just silence…
In GSM and UMTS I recall “cling cling” sound perceived by the end users.

MOS score.
Must be better than 3.5.

MOS includes both Mutes and Other audio variations.

Thanks, i got MOS.
But i also want to know how users on VoLTE will perceive or experience the poor quality.
Would it be silence?

nice. VoLTE has it´s set of codecs. if you reduce let´s say from 15kbps to 8kbps you will listen less high frequency sounds.

You can check that from KPIs. Or proble data.

How you are measuring the VoLTE Quality?
Any specific KPI/counters.
Definitely in poor radio conditions we will see audio gaps.

We do have specific counters to estimate the VoLTE Quality and Audio Gaps.

No, just user perceived.
What is the user experience when pathoss is high and SNIR is poor.
We have many customers reporting one way VoLTE speech.
I need to prove that it’s just bad RF conditions.
That’s what I’m looking for.


RTP Packet Loss versus Path Loss

So maybe this question is better like “At what MOS is the speech inaudible?”
Or “At what RTP Packet Loss is the B party speech inaudible?”

Bad Radio conditions can cause all these issues.

But Radio may not be the only reason always.

Try to correlate with the VoLTE Integrity if you have any specific cells and have the field test for that areas.

I know users are in bad coverage but I need to “prove” it.
That the loss of audio - aka one way speech - is due to this poor quality.

Ok, I got it what you are looking for.
You want to define a threshold, below this subsriber will suffer.

Yes, and at what MOS do you have NO speech from B part.