VoLTE Access failure

hi there. in HW vendor there´s mention to erab_qci1_failures due to X2 interface.
apparently when there´s a cross procedure between x2 and mme_requesting a new eRAB. you can get a failure as mentioned in huawei documents.
I managed to map exactly matching acc failure and cause. treated already some external neighbors see if I can get to somewhere improving access.

This may be due to UE is in X2-based handover progress, during that period MME send E-RAB setup request for VoLTE, enb will response with E-RAB setup failure due to handover conflict.

yes, indeed it is written this:

“A cross between the E-RAB setup procedure and other X2AP-related procedures occurs when the source eNodeB receives an E-RAB SETUP REQUEST message after sending a Handover Request message during an X2-based handover.”

now, we know that x2 can also be established through S1 (here we have many x2 abnormal in every site) so I will try to go that way.

In Huawei, there is 1 parameter which can be set to prefer Voice service than handover procedure.
So, enb can process ERAB setup and cancel HO.

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thanks, will check