Voice calls switching naming


Voice calls switching from VoLTE to 2G/3G is called SRVCC.

What about other switching?

  1. VoNR to VoLTE is called…?
  2. VoNR to LTE is Called…?
  3. VoNR to GSM is called…?

No special handling needed between VoLTE and VoNR as both are PS calls.

Switching of call directly from NR to 2G/3G is not allowed.

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Inter-Rat HO or PSHO (no specific name for Voice I know)

Drop :frowning:

No direct HO, first PSHO to 4G than SRVCC to 3G.

This is my knowledge… :slight_smile:

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The first one us unique, since you need a special handling to let VoLTE (IP based calls) to continue on the legacy network.

The others didn’t require a special solution as far as I know.

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