Voice Call traffic in 3G in Erlang

Can any one tell how we calculate Voice Call traffic in 3G in Erlang?
Vendor: Huawei

(([VS.RB.AMR.DL.4.75]+[VS.RB.AMR.DL.5.15]+[VS.RB.AMR.DL.5.9]+[VS.RB.AMR.DL.6.7]+[VS.RB.AMR.DL.7.4]+[VS.RB.AMR.DL.7.95]+[VS.RB.AMR.DL.10.2]+[VS.RB.AMR.DL.12.2]+[VS.RB.AMRWB.DL.12.65]) which is number of CS Users not in Erlang.

The Unit is average user number, to get Erlang, the counter value should be multiplied by {SP}/60, where {SP} is the measurement period (unit: minute).

But it gives very unreal value. :frowning:

Please search counter β€˜.erl’.

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Exactly. :+1:

I think SP is 30 min.