Very strange UL RSSI and BLER for small cell

Hello experts!

In our Lte (Rel10) small cell network (BaiCell vendor) we can see next KPIs:

Intial BLER DL/UL is about 10%
RetxBLER DL is from 25 to 45%
RetxBLER UL is from 35 to 95%

UL RSSI is in a range from -60 to - 73dBm.
It is all daily statistics.
It vary a bit, but mainly don’t see any difference for empty and loaded (~10UE per BH) stations.
Throughput in DL and in UL are good. About 70 and 10 Mbps.
Most of stations - indoors in an office area.

From my experiance working with macro Ericsson such KPIs numbers are extreamy crazy and it should not works.

What is your view on such KPIs?

I think is possible that your cell is interfered. Or maybe is a PMI problem. You should to block the cell or power down the TX and verify if the RSSI level is under -100 dbm