Very low Lte Intra/Inter-F handover SR from micro cell to macro cells

Good day experts!

Lte 2600 (20MHz) Micro cell in a lab environment (200mW max) - vendor BaiCell.
All other cells around are Macro cells (Nokia). Neigbours - ok.

almost to 0% Handover SR from micro cell to any macro cells. Incomming Handovers are more or less good (~80-90% SR).

Mobility settings for micro cell:
A1 = -106dBm
A2 = -111dBm
A3offset = 20dB
A3offset anr = 0dB
A4 = -106dBm
A5 thesh1 = -111dBm; thesh2 = -106dBm
Hyst = 2dB
time to trigger = 480ms
report interval = 120ms
Qrxlevmin = -120dBm