Verizon suggests users switch off 5G to save battery

Verizon Admitted 5G Might Be A Big Battery Drain Without Admitting It. :wink:

Deleted tweet suggests 5G drain can be solved by moving to 4G

Verizon has deleted a tweet that suggested customers who were concerned about 5G draining their device’s battery life should simply turn 5G off.


Not only Verizon is suggesting it… T-Mobile is also suggesting their users to turn off 5G (toggle to 2G), to save battery life - at least for Samsung Galaxy S20 5G phones! :wink:


Yes it’s everywhere in media. I even found in local India newspaper that 5G leads to high battery consumption. :slight_smile:

Dual-Carrier -> dual battery usage! :wink:

Isn’t there any feature similar to DRX in LTE?

Not only dual carrier.
The use of higher and multiple bands and MIMO contribute, with few others.

There is C-DRX feature but not fully deployed I suppose.

I remember the same “problem” when changing from UMTS to LTE.
Just give time and nobody will complain anymore.

Handset manufacturers increased battery capacity from 2000 MAh to upto 6000 MAh in 4G for more 8 hours support.

Higher Throughput on the newer RAT and reduced coverage during the initial steps of rollout are also very important to be considered.

Logical if someone wants to save battery.