Value of periodic CSI reporting and A-Periodic CSI-RS reporting in 5G layer-3

Hi Experts.
In 5G layer-3 which message we should refer to know the value of periodic CSI reporting and A-Periodic CSI-RS reporting?
Thanks & looking for your suggestion

Hi @Vicky , see here:

In the RRC reconfig to setup the scg.

Hi @RFSpecialist, thanks I saw it. But where is periodicity?

It says slots 80.
So every 80 slots.

For example in my network, periodicity we set parameter at 20 ms.
csiRsPeriodicity, vendor Ericsson.

unit is slot, not msec.

Not so clear. It means every 80 slot CSI-RS reporting will be done?
So my value suppose to be every 20 or 40 slot?

Yes, correct.

Rrc connection reconfiguration under CSI-RS report config IE.

There might be a difference between the periodicity of CSI-RS transmission ( typically periodic) and CSI reporting( could be periodic or aperiodic). They are 2 different configurations in L3 message

Do you have layer3 of your network ? Better for me if you highlight.