V2X updates

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Does anyone suggest good reading on V2X?

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Try Google Scholar.

Try here:

4G and 5G V2X architecture

Below is a summary of C-V2X 3GPP releases :

:point_right: C-V2X has been standardized since release 14 that included numerous LTE-V2X functions including the required architecture, support, procedures and security.

:point_right: Release 15, released in 2018, saw more enhancements to LTE-V2X. This included introduction of 64QAM (64 Quadrature Amplitude Modulation) compatibility as well as vehicle to vehicle Sidelink improvements.

:point_right: Release 16 in 2019 saw the introduction of NR-V2X, (New Radio V2X) allowing V2X services access to the 5GS (5G System). This included not only key support for autonomous vehicles, but also the delivery of media services to vehicles.

:point_right: After that, Release 17 added additional NR-V2X features enhancing the V2X application layer support and Sidelink operation, as well as support for additional use-cases.

:point_right: Finally 3GPP Release 18 includes various study items that are designed to further enhance and evolve NR-V2X, including V2X application layer services

You can see in the picture the global architecture for both 4G and 5G V2X:

For 5G this is a good explanation: 5G V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything) Concept

And/or do a search here in the forum, there are good discussions:


This one seems a good reading for the subject: https://p-nt-www-amazon-com-br-kalias.amazon.com.br/Cellular-Vehicle-Everything-C-V2x-Shanzhi/dp/9811951292. You can find it on the Internet also.