Users decreased after upgrade from 2T2R to 4T4R

How many LTE carrier, did you increased 3 dB in both A2 A4/A5 threshold?
Did you perform on Field Drive Test Benchmarking?

We reduced by 3 dB.

If A2 Previously set -105 dBm now -102 dBm right?

He mean A2 delay, i.e. from -100 to -105 to retain users.
By delaying HO.

Yes, correct.

Ok, so at same location user get 3 dB reduced in coverage.

Have someone trial CRS power boosting 6 dB?

Used 1.77, 3 dB only.

Parameter has value 6 dB value.

when 2CRS changed to 4CRS port, the RS power will decrease 3db

Try to reduce InterFreqHoA4ThdRsrp & InterFreqHoA1ThdRsrp
& InterFreqHoA2ThdRsrp by 3db

& decreased below reselection parameters
SIntraSearch:decreased by 2db
SNonIntraSearch :decreased by 2db
ThrshServLow :decreased by 2db

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