Users connecting to LTE network but can't download/upload data till set airplane mode ON / OFF again

Hello Team.
I faced problem:
There are some users connecting to LTE network but can’t download or upload any data till set airplane mode ON / OFF again.

What can be the issue?
Vendor is Huawei.

After airplane ON, then online mode (airplane OFF), UE will do detach and attach LTE network again.
New IP address is allocated.
UE may be connected to new SGW/PGW.

Please check transmission S1-U from eNB to Core, if multi sgw/pgw, one s1-u path transmission may fail.

We were observing this issue with NOKIA.
Whenever LTE strength was low, the network fall back to 2G and users can’t use LTE.
And when we go to airplane mode and back it connects to LTE network.

This issue was resolved after changing reselection parameters.

In your case, whether user is unable to access internet even when it is connected to LTE?

Yes, users are on LTE.

Ok, can you check whether user is allocated any public ip when connected to LTE?

Or whether google dns is pinging?

Update: The problem was found, IP assignment pool issue.

Hello dear @Ahmad_Agha, may you please share some more details?

Was the issue a misconfiguration in the RBS or some other nodes in the transmission/IPBB?