Urgent! what is the impact of power imbalance between UPEU and other boards?

hello experts :it is urgent request ,could you please explain the impact of power imballance between UPEU(power source of BBU BOARDS) and other boards .the question here is the power supplied by UPEU is less that the boards(LBBP,UBBP,WBBP,UMPT,UBRI) required.

So u need a second upeu. They can be stacked

actually the sites are working normally ,if there s any signaling or channalization distrote

Never saw this working before then. Usually the second lbbp just don’t turn on when the insufficient power supply alarm raises.

m checking the alarm and nothing is recorded .but i have observed some sites CE utlization is high and there is too much rejections .is there any relation?

Shouldn’t be related to the CE utilization nor power. But the traffic itself. Check for interference, rtwp and anything that could be affected by the traffic volumn. Check the layer management

generally every board in BBU have different consume power, ex : WBBPa and WBBPf its consume the different power. and if site have some insufficient power / imballance power on UPEU its will impact BBU will disable one of board in the BBU, which lead BBP card sometime its shutdown and leading CE congestion.
so before addition board in BBU should have proper calculation on power consume plan first and make sure there’s no imballance