Uplink Packet loss on Lte site cells

I am facing an issue of Uplink packet loss on a Lte site cells . Few cells are ok but few cells are having high loss , and VSWR and fiber loss are ok , what else could be the reason and what we can do mitigate UL packet loss

This is Uu radio loss or S1 packet loss?

Please check your UL RSSI(RTWP) if this is high either due to any external interference, any kind of hawdware issue or high traffic in the area all this can cause high UL Packets Loss. The first 2 cases are most commom

This Airinterface loss

ok , but if even afer HW change it doesn’t get better , then ?

Pls check UL interference counter.

Uu packet loss: Caused by poor radio environment

or Signaling Event Impact – RRC Reestablishment or HO (no any packets during this period which cause the packet loss )

or Transmission issue

How do you deal with uplink interference in LTE?

To check at which end all prach, pucch or pusch ul interference and id tdd along with this check uppts or dppts for all kpi degraded in which uplink end first then any internal connection issues,alarms,vswr or external interference.high ul prb and cce can also lead to uplink interference.