Updating System Firmware Without Rebooting

Intel Readies “PFRUT” For Linux 5.17 To Allow Updating System Firmware Without Rebooting

Intel open-source engineers have prepared “PFRUT” support for Platform Firmware Runtime Updates for allowing (U)EFI capsule updates to be performed on capable systems without rebooting the system in order to eliminate downtime.

Intel has worked on PFRUT that is now part of the ACPI specification for allowing platform firmware components to be updated on-the-fly without the need to restart the system. The intent of this is for servers where they need to be “available 100% of the time” and other cases where downtime must be kept to an aboslute minimum. This “pfr_update” driver set for Linux 5.17 introduction seems to be primarily geared for being able to update system firmware in cases of critical bugs or security issues in a timely manner while not introducing any new downtime.

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