Up to what margin can we allow qci1 users without affecting data throughput?

Dear Experts.
How to find out LTE user throughput?
Up to what margin can we allow qci1 users without affecting data throughput?

It’s up to you to play with SRVCC threshold to shift VoLTE bearers to 3G as per your need.
Eventually you can disable VoLTE completely and have all users with voice to use CSFB.

Thanks @Dan_s.
Any suggested value for P0nompusch and P0nompucch for optimum performance?
Also, please suggest upper and lower quality/level threshold for optimum power control?

Pzeronominalpusch= -67 with alpha = 0.7

If iawpc is activated, is it necessary to configure powercontrol threshold or system will dynamically fix SINR Target?

If we go with higher value will it create any interference?
My setting is -100. Is it ok?

Try to optimize p0nompusch -85 and alpha 0.8 for uplink throughput improvement.

If alpha is not 1 it will create slope of PSD with pass loss.
So it will allow nearby UEs to transmit at more power thus improving their C/I while creating interference for Cell edge UEs.
Improved C/I results in better modulation and thus transmission time reduced.

Alpha 0.7.

Yes with pzeronominalpusch -67.

Here Alpha =1 and Received PSD varies (based on pzeronominalpusch):

If alpha !=1 Received PSD target varies with PL:

So we can go with higher value than -100 and alpha as .7 or .8 right?

Yes, but do evaluate your settings first.

One last thing:
Decreasing the α, without changing P0 shows the UE’ll use less Power, PSDtx, at same PL which will result in low PSD_Rx and hence Low SINR Target (As shown), so we need to adjust P0 too.
This chart is for UE Tx power.


While setting Pzeronominalpusch you need to keep in view UE Tx Power, Received PSD and SINR in mind.

This is comparison of pzeronominalpusch -75 with -85 for different values of alpha.
By increasing P0 point of power limited mobiles are moving to the left.

We keep - 117 & - 103.
If we increase more it creates UL interference and we get more power restricted samples.

If voip avg less less than 10 it should not affect data throughput. Volte user on high bandwidth should be first priority. also it depends on scheduling as voip can use both dynamic and semipersistent and it depends on vendor/

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alpha 0.7,nominal pusch arnd -67 to -70 and nominal pucch arnd -104 to -108.