Unwanted 4G PCI during DT

Dear Experts, We found some unwanted PCI during DT which is same MOD as serving cell which is only to cover one specific market.
Need advice for this unwanted signals


You can reduce the RS power for the unwanted PCI

But those are not belongs to our network. I dont know from where it is coming.

The signal is quite low on those unwanted cells. Could they be from a lab network or cross-the-border network ?

Which software is it that you are using above ?

The EARFCN is the same!
So maybe it should be a boarder area

We are using TEMS

This is not the border area and border is more than 40 KM far.

This is actually something we seen in the past in TEMS with various Samsung devices.
Which device are you using with TEMS?

We have seen some older devices that can not report Detected Neighbours and put them as Measured Neighbours instead with very bad signal levels.
I recommend to check L3 messages or Mode reports tos see if these are actually measured or not.