'Unspecified' Error cause in E-RAB Setup Response from eNB

Hi Guys,
Has anyone come across ‘Unspecified’ Error cause in E-RAB Setup Response from eNB?
Suddenly some eNB are showing 20% of this error.

Normally this is contention free handover rlf and after t311 this x2 relocationoverall timer expires and drop occurs.
Check whether eRAB setup reconfiguration are defined in contention based, as per my understanding.

But those should map to RLF counters, right?
But here E-RAB Response is unspecified, which is bit weird…

Just check whether contention based enabled for reconfiguration. In accessibility phase.

Also if your sites eRAB setup fail may be happening due to any incoming handover attempt during eRAB setup phase. Can be one of this reason too.

See this link and trace where exactly is the failure solutions as per failure.


RLF happens in eRAB setup phase too.
It’s saying one no RRC reconfiguration happening but in this case it will be happening.
enodemaxthreshold n310 t310

Yes, I think my friend said they would involve vendor to look at this.
This is happening without any HO procedure and just initial attach stage.

n310 t310 enodebmaxthreshold can be the solution.
Its in poor coverage stage.
eRAB setup fail also happens during incoming handovers.

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