Understanding of Default and Dedicated Bearer in LTE

Understanding of Default and Dedicated Bearer in LTE.
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  1. UE always have 1 default bearer which is non gbr.
  2. For same APN other bearers are dedicated which can be gbr or non gbr.


  1. How many max dedicated bearer per UE, per APN?
  2. Can we say EPS barer id same for default and dedicated bearer if both configured for same UE?

EPS bearer ID is different for each bearer (generally 5-QCI9, 6-QCI5, 7-QCI1).

Ok, so it mean if 1 UE having 2 bearer one default and one dedicated, then EPS bearer ID different for both?

Yes, correct.

Ok thanks :+1:
And what max value per UE?

I don’t have exact idea about max limit, but I don’t think there is any limitation.
Whatever bearer configured in the system, UE can support it?

I would say 31, based on lcid.
But have never tested more than 8.

maximum 11 EPS bearer: 5 -> 15