Understand TTI bundling

Hi Experts.
Does anyone have a good reference or explanation to understand TTI bundling?

You’ll get enough info from here:

Hi @Saurabh63 , thanks
i have one question, TTI bundling to enable/disable this decision is taken by eNB(RRC) or UE(RRC) ?
i read it but got this doubt. it says "The decision to enable/disable TTI bundling would be taken by RRM based on the Path-loss and PHR reports received from enodeB L2 "
But i think PHR is sent by UE, so how UE(RRC) will know it has to enable TTI bundling

To enable or disable TTI bundling, decision is taken by enb based upon PL and PHR reports sent by UE.

TTI bundling is IE from mac_main config which is sent inside Radio resource config dedicated so message may be RRC connection setup or RRC connection reconfiguration or re-establishment.

Typo on that website