Unable to view Yahoo Mail with Outlook (Something went wrong)

Hello dears,

As my company uses Microsoft Office 365, and to read email I use Microsoft Outlook, I am trying to view my personal email account (from Yahoo!) in Outlook too, so I can keep things in just one place.
But I am getting an error: :frowning:

“Something went wrong. We couldn’t log on to the incoming (IMAP) server. Please check your email address and password and try again.”

It seems an issue with Yahoo! Mail in Outlook.

Does anyone here had same problem and can help?

Hi @Carlos_Alberto,

In order to be able to manage your Yahoo! Mail using Microsoft Outlook, firts you need to enable the option to allow yourself to log in to Yahoo account from non-Yahoo apps and devices.

In short you will need to use app password instead of your regular password (app password can be generated under security page of your account). To do this, login to your yahoo account from web browser and click on your name (top right corner) and select menu Account info -> security (scroll down to generate
app password)

Here you can see a nice tutorial (with more details) I followed and solved my issue.