Unable to load script on Baseband 6631

I’m having this error message when trying to load script on BB6631:

Please kindly help

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Hi, looks like a problem with Upgrade Package. Can you share full AI log?

@vlr9999, okay I will share

But the same script I used to load BB6630 without no error message with baseband SW package of 18 version.

Around 2 weeks ago we had the same error message in a zerotouch reintegration.

The issue was they created the reintegration project using a CV for a 6630 HW which was a secondary unit. The primary BB was a 6648, and when the integration was launched the sw was downloaded correctly, but it failed to start as HW versions were different. The issue is they mistook the CV intended for the secondary BB and they were trying to deploy it on the main BB which was a totally different hw.

I did not check the xml files, but it might have something to do with what you said on swapping a BB6630 unit to a BB6631.

In that case my approach would be trying a local integration. RBSsummaryrestorefile.xml with cv.zip as is, and sw package decompressed in a folder.

If that does not work (probably won’t) you should open cv.zip and check for any references to bb6630 hw, as part number or commercial name. Remember e/// made references to specific names on 2G IDB or DU cv files according to different chassis or hw.

The thing is bb6630 is probably specified somewhere in your integration CV.

Edited: I checked a local cv.zip and saw that it contains 2 files, which are backupinfo.xml and export.bup.
If you edit backupinfo.xml you will see a tag labelled PRODUCTNUMBER which I presume is what was wrong when you were swapping a BB6630 to a BB6631. In my case productnumber for a 6630 is a CXP9024418/15

Around 1 weeks ago we try to integrate 6631 via “LMT on site” with 23Q1 software upgrade package.
Two stages of uploading are done up to “Integrate” (by blue button). BB is go to restart and does not boot…
Working solution - is to use “Baseband_Radio_Node-CXP2010174_1-R61G17 22Q4.4”
All steps are done. BB is integrated correctly.
At the next step we upgrade BB to 23Q1 by ENM.
For ZT integration it is necessary to add Permanent license file into the site project.

Please, is it possible to compress Basic Package of 4.5 G to 850 to 950 MB

May you please share the package 22Q4