UMTS TCP Utilization

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What is TCP utilization of UMTS and how it effect at throughput?
What is the meaning of a cell TCP utilization of 60%?

TCP: total transmitted carrier power.

60% means all service and common channel are using 60% of total transmitted power configured for that cell, can be 20, 30, 40 Watt.

It impact throughput because HS use remain Power (best effort).

Try also to follow power Non Hs utilizarion and compare the remain Power, follow also if you have RRC or RAB rejection due to lack of power.


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Is it possible that a cell will be congested when TCP is over 80%?

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Yes normally threshold used 85%, in that case verify your configuered transmitted power, and configured threshold for power admission.

But be sure you have rejection RRC AND RAB due to lack of power.


  • change and increase your power admission
    _ check your RRU point of view power capability for possibility to increase your maximum transmitted power and from RBS side dl power capability.
  • if RRU power capability Ok request new license with new needed power and change maximum transmitted power.
  • also check for some feature of power sharing and activate it.

All these are valid iff the utilization is due user traffic. Ensure there is radio issue like interference, poor coverage, conflict, missing neighbor, etc.


We can also do downtilt if max power of radio unit is reached.
For parameters we can increase ptxtarget and decrease cpich power.

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Yes, you are right: applying tilt and/or change power parameters will reduce congestion… because it will reduce coverage! :frowning:

So, you must pay attention to user complaints (poor/lack of coverage).

Also it’s recommended to use Timing Advance & Propagation Delay to check coverage changes…

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before going to change coverage parameters like tilt/power you can change the CAC thresholds as well to cater the congestion.


I adjust all the CAC parameters like UL & DL user ul UL & DL power thresholds and also decrease the cpich power but still with high UL power congestion .


Increase ENU

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Also thank you @Hector_Avana , @Khaja_Shahbaazuddin , @Slah_Douzi , @dada6422 , @Mussa_Nohi

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TCP Utilization = ( (Avai_HS_Pwr_In_W + R99_Load_In_W) / Max_Dl_Pwr_Cap_In_W) * 100