UMTS cells unbalanced

Hello Experts!
I have user balancing issue for two U2100 cells as shown below.

This is causing several issues including PS code congestion.
Co-site cells are ok and they ALL have the same relevant parameters (CAC, LDR).
PUC & DRD are not active.
Any advice?

Are you facing it in just one sector? If so, these cells are in the same antenna. Right?

Are them using random access?

If you have multilayer access network with 2G/3G/4G. Have you tried to setup the same frequency priority for those 3G frequencies?

In the admission control parameters. Those cells had been set equally? What about access parameters (Rxlevmin, Cpichpower…).

At last, you can try to use offset2sn in order to have them balanced.

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Yes I’m facing it in only one sector, both cells are on the same antenna and both have same admission control parameters.
Blind Handover Flag is set to TRUE in UINTERFREQNCELL between those couples.
With Blind Handover Quality Condition being -92.
Here are the other co-site cells of U2100 band.

Cell 1:

Cell 3:

So, try to setup -4 in idle for F1, and interfrequence relation (F1/F2) and +4 for the parameter qoffest2sn and interfrequence relation (F2/F1).

you need to active DRD based on HSPA user number.

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