Hi Experts.
In 5G NR SA, is UL SINR sent to gNB by UE?

UL SINR is calculate by gNB, not sent by UE.
It depends on how much UE latch to cell and overlapping there.

According to what?

If your PUSCH SINR is poor, then your DL Throughput will degrade.
As there is issue in sending ACK/NACK.

Thanks, I understand. And what inputs gNB takes into account for UL SINR?

Please, you need to read OLLA, ILLA, extended uplink link adaption concept.
It’s all calculate by gNB as per threshold configured.
Check EUULA, FUULA algorithm for gNB.

Thanks again.
I’m trying to understand how dynamic beams work.
What I understand that there is UL SINR that gNB calculate and according to it beams mechanism choosed.
So can I assume that there is a parameter UL SINR at gNB side?

Is the feature of dynamic beams used in our days?
I’m trying to understand the gain / benefit of using dynamic beams and not static beams.

Static beam mean sector beam.
Dynamic mean UE beam where we are changing AE weight dynamically as per reported srs or csi if srs reporting not used.
Dynamic beam follow user movement.
For gain it’s in term of spectral efficiency if we use mMIMO with dynamic beams i.e. pairing of users there.

A sector can have static beams, right?
In LTE for instance, 1 sector is 1 beam (60 degreed width or whatever).
In 5G we can have multiple static or dynamic beams per sector?

Mean that by dynamic beams then it will enhance much massive mimo and spectral efficiency/network performance. Yes?

Static or dynamic beams aren’t related to sector definition.
Static or dynamic is pre configured or configured while network condition changes.

Yes, correct.

So UL sinr value we can imagine it as a parameter always found at gNB side irrelative to beamforming, right?
What I meant that if I want to take that parameter as input to anyother purposes, then can I say at gNB there is parameter called UL SINR which always calculated and implicitly give me current channel condition?

I would say rather then parameter it’s KPI value derived from parameter thresholds configured.

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