UL operating freq higher than DL operating freq for band 20

Hello Experts.

LTE FDD in general DL freq. band is high compared to UL.

But for band 20 (L800) UL freq. is high compare to DL.

Any specific reason?

UL operating band, MHz (832 - 862)
DL operating band, MHz (791 - 821)

Because tx power for higher frequency can be managed at site with commercial power system and this is reduce the power & battery at devices can be less stressed efficiently.

Yes, I know this logic because of this in general DL freq is high and UL is low.

But for few bands specially B20 L800 band its opp. why it so this is my question.

Why B20 UL band at higher side compare to DL band?

Is it Apt700?

No. Even in APT700 UL at lower side.

Verify with some european colleugues too.

LTE Band 20 has been chosen by many operators as their 4G LTE Spectrum, expecially in Europe areas for many 4G LTE USB Dongle/modem/Surfstick, 4G LTE CPE for band 20 chips to support higher QAM/power.

Heard this is the reason for B20 only got reverse DL & UL.

This is mainly to protect Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting (DTT) used in band 20 also known as Digital Dividend.

To reduce UL-DL coverage gap.