UL MIMO 2x2 in LTE

Hi Experts,
Anyone tried UL MIMO 2x2 in LTE? Is it possible?

Yes, it is possible.
A major change in LTE-Advanced is the introduction of 8x8 MIMO in the DL and 4x4 in the UL.

Yes, it is is possible, but have never seen use of it or configure it in Network.

Probably the Rank 8 will gonna be like <1%, but I agree that will increase penetration to higher order rank as 4, 5, 6…

What is tm mode for 4x4 in UL?

2x2 UL MIMO:


In the UL there are two transmission mode TM1 and TM2, where TM1, was introduced in Release 8 and TM2 was introduced in Release 10. in UL 4x4 TM2 is used.

DL 4x4 shrinks coverage as compared to 2x2 so will UL mimo lead to high power consumption and interference inspite achieving high UL throughput?

As per our days, LTE TDD use 8x8 MIMO with CPE as WTTx technology, so all users are 8x8 MIMO capable.

With TM8 we can use 8T8R but UE side i believe 2 RX only.

It depends on the chipset category, in the UE.
Example: Cat 12 you can go up to 8x8 if antenna is enough or 4x4 CC2.

How about LTE FDD, is there any UE release to support 8 RX?
And what is requirement for eNB side?
In Ericsson System.

You mean TM9 mode, then we can use 8 layers per UE.

Actually, first i meant is there any UE or FDD modem that can receive 8 RX?

If I understand correctly for UE to report back rank 8 it must have 8 separate receive antennas?

8 antennas and 8 ports in the LTE chipset module. Or NR.