UL Inteference in one of the EARFCNs

Hi all,

Below you can see the UL Interference for the EARFCNs in our network. There are three bands. One L2600 and two L1800 EARFCNs which are separated topologically. L18 Band 2 is affected from UL Inteference as you can see below. L26 is less affected with L18 Band 1 not affected.

Please see below. I have checked the UL Interference per RB and it seems universal in the cells that are affected (Which are a lot).
I have check for RSI conflicts and PCI conflicts but it does not seem to be causing the issue.
I have checked PRACH, PUCCH, PUSCH interference levels and PUSCH seems to be the main reason for the interference. I have also check the RSSI per antenna ports but we do not seem to have an issue there apart from specific cases.

Any other ideas on what to check? Any parameters that may be affecting this? P0NominalPUCCH and P0NominalPUSCH are the same across the EARFCNs with values at -105dbm and -67dbm respectively. Vendor is Huawei.

Thank you