UL allocated RBs in frequency domain or time domain?

Hello Experts.

Can someone please provide insights when we have RBs allocated in UL does UE fill up RBs in frequency domain or time domain.

So do we go RB n to n+1 in freq or time domain.

You have coordination like freq, time both.

It depends.

On Huawei by default is from the lowest RB, but then you will have intercell interference.

But if you have 3 sectored cell, you will have S1 start from RB0, S2 from the middle, S3 from the top RB.

If I remember, parameter is on eNodeBAlgoSwitch.

What is S1 S2 S3?

One site with 3 sector, sector1, sector2 and sector3: S1, S2, S3.

What about UE Side?

It’s the eNB that decide which RB UE will use, he give UE a slot.

I mean say a UE is allocated 2 RBs and 14 symbols.

Does it fill up the RBs in frequency domain first or time domain first?

RBs first, symbols second.

Thank you. Any reason why?

So you mean we fill up the allocated resources in frequency domain first when we are done we jump to next ofdm symbol and fill it?

This TDM kind of approach helps to avoid having to buffer the data.

gNB can decode the data on the go as soon as it receives it → helps to reduce latency.