UE unable to latch in TDD automatically (Colocated FDD TDD site)

Dear Team

I am facing one issue in Colocated FDD TDD site UE is unable to latch in TDD Automatically.
While if forcefully then only able to latch.

  • Found pvi value to be similar for FDD tdd - resolved
  • Found irfim not defined for FDD to tdd - resolved
  • dlrsboost value given 6 and tdd cellreselectionpriority increased from 6 to 7

All these TS as above aren’t getting issue resolved. Any other suggestions?

Do you have multiple TDD carriers in your network?
Let’s say one is with 10 MHz and another with 20 MHz then you may configure common centre frequency for both carriers and check.

Do you mean PCI value?

Check Cell priority and LMS.
LNHOIF IRFIM of neighbors and co lo should have proper TDD arfcn.

He has already mentioned that cell priority and IRFIM correction done - it is solving his concern.

Yes these are the basic checks.

@mohit_lohani , it is PCI?
Same PCI value for FDD and TDD is that an issue? I don’t think it should create any issue.

Yes same PCI value is not a concern.
Rather it should be kept same for FDD and TDD for ease of planning.

Yes, agree.

Can you check for temporary lock FD site …and its latch to own TDD or not …

Typo - PCI

Post locking ue getting latched

cell priority & IRFIM correction not solving issue

lnhoif and irfim defined not resolving the issue

Dear Experts any other checks which can be carried out at FDD or problematic TDD site ?

Yes post Locking FDD UEs are getting latched to TDD.

Resolved for ues not getting latched by changing a3timeto trigger, a5timeto trigger, Mopdr and other parameter definitions.