UE to send EPS detach to network but retaining IMSI settings

Hello Guys.

UE already in combined EPS/IMSI attached.

Now I want UE to send EPS detach only to network and retain IMSI settings.

What network setting required here?

I think that’s not possible.

UE can stay as EPS only in LTE but not IMSI only.

EPS is kind of mandatory requirement in LTE network.

If you want just IMSI attach, then CS/2G/3G are what you’re looking for.

Yes, as soon as UE send EPS detach, we are moving it to 3G where it performs CS call.

It’s a lab scenario.

I have to restrict UE to send EPS detach only. Just figuring out how?

This is what happens in live as well.

EPS detach is LTE detach and move to 3G/2G.

Yes, UE already having combined EPS/IMSI attach.

I want UE to send EPS detach and it will move to UMTS.

As of now UE reporting combined EPS/IMSI detach, which I do not want…

Just out of curiosity, why do you want to perform EPS only detach on LTE?

You can do that with AT+CGATT=0

To continue UE with UMTS with its IMSI link created during combined EPS/IMSI attach.

I’m trying not to do this part forcefully, still i will check if this helps.

This is only option, CGATT is for PS attach and Detach.

Thanks, I will check.