UE to send A1 for secondary cells


In SA NR 3 CA scenario, UE is only sending the a1 report of nr cell1.

If we want UE to send for secondary cells like nr2 and nr3 is there specific IE to be enabled in meas configuration?

You need to add measure I’d against nr2 and nr3 cell and map it with a1.

Thanks, I tried that.

But UE didn’t send for NR2 and NR3.
(All 3 cells with different frequencies)

Hello All.

In SA CA nr1 + nr2 + nr3 scenario, can UE measure nr2 cell without measurement gap?

Note: nr1, nr2 and nr3 are different frequencies.

I think Yes.

Like LTE it should be without m-gap. What is your observation?

Actually I’m not receiving a1 reports for nr2.

nr2 being different in band with regard to nr1, can UE still do measurement without gap?

Yes it can be possible for different band without m-gap.

It can be different issue seems so for NR.

For LTE it’s always possible without m-gap in case of CA.


For nr1 UE is sending a1 report.
For nr2 nr3 UE is not sending.

Is any specific config needed for secondary nr cells?

For NR in case of intra frequency handover do we need m-gap my query is without CA.

For inter Freq HO in case of FR1 to FR2 do we require m-gap or not what are different scenario for m-gap in case of NR.

Seems mapping issue can be there.

Even I think without CA we can’t use A1, A2 over target cell.

Both for intra and inter freq HO, m-gap needed. (without CA case)

Ok. Any specific reason why m-gap needed for intra Freq in case of NR when Freq is same?

I guess when UE measures beyond the current active bwp, gap is required.

Ok thanks :+1:

For inter Freq m-gap needed for all scenario, i.e. FR1 to fr2 /FR1 to FR1 /fr2 to FR1 / fr2 to fr2 for different frequency.