UE to choose the best beam without considering other beams

Hello guys.
Regarding 5G…
In case of a very good RF conditions with the beams from same cell having mostly same SINR, in Nokia is there is a feature or something that could make the UE like choosing the best beam without considering others, or discarding beams according to some threshold?

As I know in nokia UE keep reporting best 4 RSRP for beam id selection (defined in csi RS L3 & can be seen in CFI Indication).
But you can limit number of beams using beamset, usually to 6 or 4. And adjust RsrpThreaholdSSB if required.

Thank you dear @Indraparin.
So the 4 beams are the least number?
I cannot limit it more?
Is it same as pilot pollution in 3G?
Is there any path parameter or something?

There are some options but not sure what is the impact.

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