UE Timers & Constants

Timers in 5G networks are essential tools for managing various network functions and procedures.

Advantage : ->Resource Management, Handover Optimization ,Quality of Service (QoS) ,Error Handling ,Efficient Cell Reselection,Security and Privacy, Fallback Mechanisms

T300 Timer:
Start: This timer typically starts when an NR (New Radio) transmission is initiated.
Stop: The timer stops upon the successful reception of the acknowledgment for the NR transmission.
At Expiry: If the acknowledgment is not received within the T300 duration, it may trigger retransmission or other recovery procedures.

T301 Timer:
Start: T301 is typically initiated upon the initiation of certain procedures, such as a handover.
Stop: It stops when the specified event occurs, such as a successful handover completion or another triggering event.
At Expiry: If the specified event does not occur within the T301 duration, it can trigger failure recovery procedures.

T310 Timer:
Start: This timer starts when the UE (User Equipment) initiates handover procedures, requesting a change of serving cell or gNB (gNodeB).

Stop: It stops when the UE receives confirmation from the target gNB or cell.

At Expiry: If the UE does not receive confirmation within T310, it may consider the handover as failed and take appropriate actions.

T311 Timer:
Start: T311 is initiated when the UE decides to re-establish a connection with the source gNB during handover.
Stop: It stops when the re-establishment is completed successfully.
At Expiry: If the re-establishment is not successful within T311 duration, it may trigger a failure or re-establishment attempts.

T312 Timer:
Start: T312 typically starts in the target gNB during handover procedures.
Stop: It stops when the target gNB receives confirmation from the source gNB.
At Expiry: If the confirmation is not received within T312, the target gNB may take appropriate actions, such as releasing resources.

T313 Timer:
Start: T313 starts in the source gNB during handover procedures.
Stop: It stops when the source gNB receives acknowledgment from the target gNB.
At Expiry: If acknowledgment is not received within T313, the source gNB may take actions like releasing resources.

T325 Timer:
Start: This timer is initiated during the establishment or re-establishment of the RRC (Radio Resource Control) connection.
Stop: It stops upon the successful completion of the security mode command exchange.
At Expiry: If the security mode command exchange is not completed within T325, it may lead to failure recovery procedures.

T3346 Timer:
Start: T3346 is initiated when the UE starts the circuit-switched fallback (CSFB) procedure.
Stop: It stops when the specified CSFB procedure is completed.
At Expiry: If the CSFB procedure is not completed within T3346, it may trigger release or recovery actions.

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