UE Switch OFF versus Airplane mode

Guys, please tell me one thing:

UE Switch OFF versus Airplane mode.
Both works same.

I mean after both process UE context will be released from gNB?

And will it again do RACH and all those process to get notified to network?

Yes, correct.

Detach Request, Type switch off for both.

When UE switched Off/ Airplane mode, on which msg will I see in wireshark?

Detach Request.

If we turn on “Airplane mode” on UE, does it sends detach request and does nw send to ue, detach accept or not?

No, when UE switches off Or goes to airplane mode then UE sends ‘switch off’ as detach type, in this case, MME doesn’t send detach accept to UE.

Ok thanks!

Actually in spec I got when UE switch off it sends detach & did not get any response but for Airplane mode do we have references in 3gpp spec?

Or in general we are considering Airplane mode on means same as switch off scenario?

In general we consider Airplane mode and switch off same.

Because Airplane mode is handset functionality, txrx of UE gets off in both cases so UE considers it as same.