UE receiving wrong priorities

All priority are set with 5.

How does UE receive 7 and 6 for 1525 and 3200?

UE was in Idle mode in 3200.

I think one is for intrafreq and other is for interfreq.

IMMCI acts based on load balancing and other features.

So it is not mandatory to copy what you have in OSS.

But all priority in InterFreq are with 5.

3200 to 1525 is set as 5.

All relationship into IntreFreq are set with 5.

Yes, but as I said, load balancing and other algos can change Idle Mode Mobility control information to other priorities.

I turned off the MLB

Maybe there are other algos, I don’t know all of them.

Better ask Huawei what other algos affect IMMCI.

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It is not SIB5 message. In SIB5 prioritys are correct!

Where from come these one?

This looks like RRC release message.


Yes, it is comming from release, but where do these release priorities come from?

Don’t know Huawei system but there should be some feature like idle mode load balancing (IMLB) for idle mode later management.

While RRC release, network dynamically assigns priority based on available resources (PRBs) for that carrier, so configured priority may look different than what you see in RRC release.


Is it continuously changing? Talking about priorities…

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No, always get it.

But I don´t understand it. I already turn off the MLB.

Hello all, sharing the solution:

I turned off the PCCAnchor and the UE received the correct priorities.

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