UE PUSCH and PUCCH optimal RSSI values in gNb (NSA)

Hi Experts!
What Avg PUSCH and PUCCH RSSI values that gNB receives from UE could be considered as good or bad?
For instance, I got the KPI results from gNb: Avg UE related RSSI for PUSCH and PUCCH is about -93 - -94 dBm. I am trying to understand is it ok, or not ok. Logically I can assume - higher RSSI values mean better signal from UE to gNb (analogy with RSRP or RSSI values that receives UE from gNb), but what about UL interference? Is high PUSCH and PUCCH RSSI value make UL interference because of high UE Tx power?


What i know that RSSI needs to be less than -106 to be acceptable for low band 5G
and less than -110 for mid band 5G for Ericsson. Maybe experts here can give their opinions too.

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I think it may be more than instead of “less than”. It depends on the SNR and interference level and what MCS (modulation and code rate) you are using. For example, 20MHz bandwidth, the noise floor is around -101dBm, plus 3dB noise figure from RF+analog front end, thus noise power is -98dBm. RSSI=-93dBm, SNR=-93-(-98)=5dB. I think it is good enough for most PUSCH and PUCCH low to moderate rate MCS.