UE not sending rrc connection setup complete after received RRC setup from gNB

Hi Experts.

What could be the reason in 5G SA for UE to not send rrc connection setup complete after received RRC setup from gNB?

Are you not seeing RRC connection setup complete in UE logs at all? Or UE generated the RRC message but network fails to receive it?

Hi All…

Any one observed following issue?

RRC setup send to UE but setup complete not received.

Compared with working config - no change in setup configuration.

What can we check more on here?
UE Samsung S22

How is your RF?


RF is good.

Check msg2 is successful or not.

So you are at gNodeB side and you don’t see the setup complete?

It can be due to some IE sent by gNB which UE do not support.



I compared with working config and it’s working on another setup.

And same IE and value set up here.

I have seen same behaviour when rapid mismatch.

Same UE as well or different UE?
Is it always issue?

So what is the success rate?

95%? 99%? 99.99%?

1 out of 10 is failing?

How many failures you have?

For every attach it’s passing rapid.

But stuck setup complete side.

Even we tried same UE. Same config.

With same band. On different setup.
It’s working perfectly.

We are also using same config as well.

But do you see setup complete sent by UE and not received by gNodeB?

No, UE is not initiating.

hmm…RRC setup is a very long message, did you compare a good and a faulty case.

Is it same content of RRC setup?


Some mismatched was there.
Corrected that one…now. It’s same.

Except one parameter.
That we didn’t find in our gNB config.

But I believe its some offset value on RLC / MAC side.

You can compare with Notepad++ in a matter of 2 seconds.

I did. It’s same.

Ok, in UE log, do you see it send by RRC layer towards RLC towards MAC towards L1 towards the air?

If not submitted by RRC to lower layer then you have to dig there.

Your S22… is it Qualcomm or Exynos version?